Our role

We are responsible for the following areas:

The ECDL Foundation has appointed and licenced ICDL Arabia as the sole body to implement and disseminate the program in the Gulf Region, Egypt and Iraq with the support of the region’s leading educational institutions and accreditation bodies.

  • Quality Assurance: ICDL Arabia audits and reviews its certifications and delivery systems to preserve and protect the high standard for which it is renowned.

  • Programme Development: ICDL Arabia works with recognised experts to continually develop its range of certification programmes, in line with market needs and technological advancements.

  • Marketing & Promotion: ICDL Arabia promotes the development and improvement of digital skills globally and provides a marketing support function to Operators.

  • Global Development: ICDL Arabia is proactive in its development of new market opportunities through strategic partnerships with international organisations, Courseware and Testing Providers.