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Computer skills enable people of all ages to understand and use technology to improve their personal and professional lives. Over 11 million individuals have enrolled on ECDL/ICDL Foundation's certification programmes in 148 countries around the world. Here are some of their comments about their experience:

I feel more comfortable in trying out different functions on my computer and my improved confidence allows me to show other staff members how to better carry out a task.” - ICDL candidate, Nigerian Federal Civil Service. Click here to read the case study.

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"I feel more comfortable in trying out different functions on my computer"


"ICDL certification is the best way to determine the trainee’s knowledge level in IT and assure his/her acquaintance of fundamental skills in technology and ability of applying those skills.” Minister for Education, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

It took me time and effort to learn the ICDL skills, but the idea of becoming digitally literate and being connected to the world made me persistent." Suad, a teacher in Jordan

Click here for details on Jordan’s Ministry of Education’s programme of ICDL certification for it employees.

"We choose to adopt ICDL certification because our goal was to raise the level of essential IT and computer skills of all staff, and thereby improve productivity at work. Providing staff with an internationally recognised qualification will also improve their job prospects. Furthermore, the ICDL creates a standard against which employees can be measured regarding their office IT skills."
Christian Gottlicher, Head of IT Learning, United Nations Headquarters, speaking about the UN’s decision to introduce a programme of ICDL certification for its staff.

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"ICDL played a decisive role in my interviews and enabled me to be recruited." 


"ll conseguimento del diploma ECDL mi ha permesso l’accesso al mondo del lavoro nell’area IT di una grande multinazionale farmaceutica." [English: "As a consequence of the ECDL certification, I've been given access to the world of working - in the area of IT in a large pharmaceutical multinational."] - Elisabetta Macchi, Italy.

Approximately 840,000 Italian school pupils and university students have benefitted from ECDL training and certification.

Click here to learn more about ECDL’s role in the Italian education system.

"Overall, the ICDL programme contributed directly to the employment or enhancement of employment, of 35% of all beneficiaries [within a period of no less than five months after certification]." - Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) study on the impact of its national campaign of ICDL certification. Click here to read the case study.

"ECDL played a decisive role in my interviews and enabled me to be recruited... I am convinced that this development could not have been achieved without the assistance of ECDL at the outset" - Thierry Bouzat, IT Manager and successful ECDL candidate, France  


Over 25,000 people had benefitted from ICDL training through Columbia’s ‘e-Ciudadano’ project. By the end of 2012, it is planned that a further 50,000 Columbians will learn the skills necessary to engage with the information society through ICDL training and certification. Click here to read the e-Ciudadano project case study.

Our initial idea was to support people with disabilities in helping them to access the Information Society...today we offer educational materials and training and help people with disabilities to overcome their disabilities and become engaged in various educational programmes. The ECDL Barrierefrei project helps people with disabilities to gain better job opportunities.Jan Muehlfeit, Chairman, Microsoft Europe, speaking as stakeholder of the Barrierefrei project. Click here to read the Barrierefrei case study.

"The DOC was looking to bring professionally recognised industry standards into inmate education." - Richard Lepley, Curriculum Coordinator for the Pennsylvania Department of Correction (DOC). "[ICDL] puts candidates into a learning mode and encourages them to keep a clean sheet while incarcerated”.

The Pennsylvania DOC processes more than 1,000 candidates each year through the ICDL programme. Click here to read the case study.

ECDL for Young Cancer Patients’ is a project that provides ECDL training and certification for young people with cancer in Austria. The project’s aim is to benefit the recovery process by providing new experiences, and a sense of achievement outside everyday life with the disease.

Since its beginning in St. Anna Kinderspital in Vienna in 2002, the programme has now been made available across all Austrian provinces. Click here to read the case study.

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